ITU GazeGroup

Research on eye tracking and gaze interaction

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PhD thesis by Henrik Skovsgaard

Henrik defended his PhD thesis “Noise Challenges in Monomodal Gaze Interaction” at the IT University of Copenhagen on the 13th December 2011. The PhD thesis can be downloaded here.  SUPERVISORS Associate professor John Paulin Hansen - IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark...

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Henrik Skovsgaard wins "Stars with Brains" competition

Henrik Skovsgaard, member of the GazeGroup and PhD student at the IT University of Copenhagen, recently won the "Stars with brains" competition that the Danish Ministry of Science organized during the Danish Research Day 2011....

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Open-source gaze tracker awarded Research Pearls of ITU Copenhagen

The open-source ITU Gaze Tracker primarily developed by Javier San Augustin, Henrik Skovsgaard and Martin Tall has been awarded the Research Pearls of the IT University of Copenhagen. A presentation will be held at ITU...

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PhD Defense: Off-the-Shelf Gaze Interaction

Javier San Agustin will defend his PhD thesis on "Off-the-Shelf Gaze Interaction" at the IT University of Copenhagen on the 8th of January from 13.00 to (at most) 17.00. The program for the event...

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Thesis by Maria Barrett

Earlier this year an ITU student, Maria Barret finalized her thesis titled: "Hi-hi eye control with a lo-fi eye tracker". Maria compared the typing performance of an early version of the ITU gaze tracker on...

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CHI articles now available

Our group presented three articles at the CHI09 conference held in Boston in early April. The articles are now available for download from the ACM website.Low-Cost Gaze Interaction: Ready to Deliver the PromisesAbstractEye movements are...

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IDG Networks interview with Javier San Agustin

During the CHI09 in Boston last week Nick Barber from the IDG Network stopped by to record an interview with Javier San Agustin, member of our group. The video has now surfaced on several IDG...

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ITU Gaze Tracker released

The ITU Gaze Tracker, developed by the Gaze Group at the IT University of Copenhagen and supported by the Communication by Gaze Interaction association (COGAIN), has been released. It aims to provide a free, open-source,...

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The one month open-source gaze tracker

As a part of our preparation for the CHI2009 conference in Boston we have ported and reused code into a working gaze tracker in only one month. It is our intentions to make the system...

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Radio interview with Martin Tall (in Danish)

Thomas Behrndtz from the Danish Radio (DR1) came by the other day to do an interview on the upcoming ITU Gaze Interaction platform. It resulted in a five minute episode on the "Videnskaben kort", a...

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ITU GazeGroup

A research group at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

The Gaze Group is a research group located at the IT University of Copenaghen. 

We are primarily focused on eye tracking, gaze interaction and the use of gaze for usability studies. We aim to establish accessible alternatives for gaze tracking systems to raise awareness about this technology and bring it to the mainstream.

Our group is a member of the Communication by Gaze Interaction Association (COGAIN), an European Network of Excellence that aims to help disabled people  communicate by developing novel means of computer interaction.

We intend to increase the mobility of such systems with the intention of increasing the quality of life for those with severe motor impairments. Other aspects of our research aim at developing computer interfaces that allow for alternative means or accessing popular contemporary computer activities such as communication, online entertainment and social interaction. Current commercial solutions are prohibitively expensive and there is a need for low-cost alternatives. Part of our research is dedicated to the development low-cost eye tracking systems that make use of consumer products such as web cameras. Our intention is to develop an accessible and open solution for gaze interaction to increase the usage of this technology.

Our research includes analysis, usability and development of algorithms for   

  • Video-based eye tracking and gaze estimation
  • User interfaces that are robust, efficient and easy to learn
  • Mobility and gaze control of vehicles (such as wheelchairs)


The ITU GazeGroup

The ITU Gaze Group

IT University of Copenhagen. Photo by Adam Mørk

Group located at the IT University of Copenhagen

The atrium inside the ITU

 ITU Copehangen. Photos by Adam Mørk